The Modular MIDI Toolkit

The Modular MIDI Toolkit

  • Over 200 built-in modules
  • Flexible sequencers and arpeggiator
  • Host VST2, VST3, Audio Unit, and LADSPA plug-ins
  • Run as a plug-in or standalone application
  • Lua scripting
  • Sequence with a linear arrangement or non-linear scene player

Welcome to Architect

Welcome to Architect, and thank you for being part of the Architect beta test. A beta software product is not quite a finished software product, and as such does not necessarily represent the quality of the final release: features may be missing, and bugs may be present.

Architect is a modular MIDI toolkit and music production environment for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Similar to the classic modular synths, you build patches from small modules that work together to generate pieces impossible to conceive of using conventional compositional techniques.

Modular Graph

Architect's heart is the modular graph view. Here, you can build generative and transformative patches by connecting modules from over 200 built-in types - including mathematical operations, sequencers, an arpeggiator, MIDI processors, logical comparators, UI controls and many more. Any particularly useful blocks that you build can be grouped in macros and exported for reuse in other projects.

Powerful Sequencers

Architect comes with a number of powerful step-sequencer modules. Individually, they're probably the most flexible step-sequencers you've even seen, so imagine what you can do with them when you take full use of the rest of Architect's modular environment?

Lua Scripting

If you want to use the full power of a scripting language, Architect has you covered with its Lua module. Lua is a blazingly fast, light-weight, high-level programming language. Architect provides Lua object wrappers for all the Architect data types, so integration is a breeze. Scripts are recompiled and integrated into the graph on-the-fly, making this module ideal for live-coding.

Plug-in Hosting

Architect can host other plug-ins in VST2, VST3, Audio Unit, and LADSPA formats. A flexible mixer allows for complex audio and MIDI routing between plug-ins using a simple and intuitive interface. Multi-core support will spread the load of these hosted plug-ins across your CPUs to ensure that you get the full use of your computer's specs.

Standalone and Plug-in

Architect can be run either as a standalone application, or as a plug-in inside any compatible host (including itself!). When running as a plug-in, Architect will sync its clock to the host for perfect sample-accurate synchronization.

Built Custom Interfaces

Architect comes with a number of UI modules that can be used to create custom interfaces for your creations. A simple "what you see if what you get" drag and drop system makes building an interface a breeze.

Arrange Your Way

For those who prefer linear arrangements, Architect comes with a traditional DAW-style timeline onto which patterns and automation curves can be composed. And if you prefer to play live, Architect's Play window will let you trigger patterns on the fly from a computer keyboard, MIDI device, or any other source. And these views are not exclusive: if you want to combine pre-arranged linear tracks with on-the-fly improv, you can.

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  • Architect's modular view
  • Architect's timeline view
  • Architect's play view
  • Running MIDI input through a Lua script