About Protonica

Protonica are Piet Kaempfer and Ralf Dietze from Berlin, Germany. With Piet's intuition for harmonies as a skilled pianist and certified sound designer Ralf's feeling for propulsive grooves, Protonica deliver you their very own positive pulsing sound - a blend of psychedelic and progressive trance. Following their well received debut album "Search" (2007) Protonica have released tracks on several labels.

Piet Kaempfer on Aspect

"When I was looking for a easy-to-use synth for Mac OS X, Aspect got my attention with its stylish, clear design. There are a lot of VST Plugins on the market, many of them needlessly complex with sub-windows and menus that just hinder when creating your own sounds. Aspect seems to be a real and intuitive subtractive synth which just concentrates on the fundamental tasks of a synthesizer (and even more if you need - thanks to the flexible semi-modular architecture.)

Skipping through the presets with an arpeggio and some effects, I was impressed by its vivid, charming sound, reminiscent of UK Trance sequences by artists like "Union Jack" or "Art of Trance". I've found my new synth for arpeggios!

Even the CPU usage on a MacBook Pro (2.66 GHz) is low for this big warm sound. Like you heard it on the old lady TB-303, the filters let you create screaming self-oscillating sounds when turning up the resonance.

It's a genuine synth with its own character. Now I'm really looking forward to creating my own sounds from scratch. And I love the copy protection: no dongles and dead easy installation!"