Wednesday, 14 July 2021

String updated to 1.15.1

String 1.15.1 for macOS, Windows, and Linux now available. Download the latest version of String here.

This release includes the following changes:

  • (new) VST3 (64-bit) versions for macOS and Windows.
  • (new) New beautiful flat modern UI
  • (new) Light and dark themes
  • (new) Legato mode on the global modulation envelope
  • (new) Per-effect power buttons
  • (new) Keyboard shortcuts are listed and can be redefined.
  • (new) Can specify various graphics rendering engines for improved graphics performance.
  • (new) Can specify default author for newly created presets.
  • (new) MIDI learn can now map parameters in omni or per-channel modes.
  • (new) Show recent files in the preset browser.
  • (improvement) Vastly improved the speed and responsiveness of the preset browser.
  • (new) Presets can be shown in a grid or list format.
  • (improvement) Can better handle hosts that misreport their buffer sizes.
  • (fix) Various host compatibility fixes.
  • (improvement) Various minor performance improvements.
  • (new) Additional presets.